Capgemini HQ — Leidsche Rijn, The Netherlands

Two distinct façades integrated into a building acting as a sound barrier, protecting an urban area from the highway

In order to mitigate the sound originating from the A2 motorway a building was constructed between the said motorway and the urban area of Reykjavikstaat, in the city of Leidsche Rijn, Holland. The sound barrier, designed by the architects at Ibelings van Tilburg Architecten, comprises two blocks of 172 x 16.2 metres, separated by four areas: two patios, an atrium and an entrance hall. The southernmost part of the building houses the head offices of the company, Capgemini.

The building features two distinct façades, both clad with Branco Real stone with honed finish. Whilst the façade facing the city is classically styled, the façade facing the motorway has a more dynamic appearance with long horizontal lines crossed by three curved spans.

The building was awarded the prestigious BREEAM-NL recognition, a certificate awarded for best practices in sustainable construction. Total area: 24.738 m².

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