• 1 House at Wentworth Estate — Surrey, England
  • House in Knightswood — Surrey, England
    2 House in Knightswood — Surrey, England
  • Granatny 6, Moscow
    3 Granatnyy 6 — Moscow, Russia
  • Facades and masonry of the Park Pobedy Chapel, Saint Petersburg, Russia, using honed finish Beige Pérola stone.
    4 - Park Pobedy Chapel — Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Curved facade and masonry of the building in Moscow, Russia, using Beige Sonato, Beige Pacífico and Beige Pérola stones with grooved and honed finishes.
    5 - Grunewald Residential Complex — Moscow, Russia
  • Copernicus Hospital, Warsaw
    6 - Copernicus Hospital — Warsaw, Poland
  • White House in Moscow, Russia
    7 - White House — Moscow, Russia
  • Belém Cultural Centre, Lisbon, Portugal
    Belém Cultural Centre — Lisbon, Portugal
  • Berliner Platz, Giessen, Germany
    Berliner Platz — Giessen, Germany
  • A75 toll Bezier, France
    Bézier A75 Toll — France
  • Boefterrein Hilversum, The Netherlands
    Boefterrein — Hilversum, The Netherlands
  • Business Hub Carabanchel, Spain
    Business Hub Carabanchel — Madrid, Spain
  • Capgemini HQ features two distinct façades, both clad with Branco Real stone with honed finish
    Capgemini HQ — Leidsche Rijn, The Netherlands
  • Church in Fribourg, Switzerland
    Church in Fribourg — Switzerland
  • Office building in Cloche D’Or, Luxembourg
    Cloche D’Or Office Building — Luxembourg
  • Coeur de Ville, Paris, France
    Coeur de Ville — Paris, France
  • Crédit Agricole Bank, France
    Crédit Agricole Bank — Paris, France
  • Church of Cumeira de Baixo, Portugal
    Cumeira de Baixo Church — Alcobaça, Portugal
  • EOS Generali, Paris, France
    EOS Generali — Paris, France
  • Eusebiushof, Arnhem, The Netherlands
    Eusebiushof — Arnhem, The Netherlands
  • Fort Saint-Jean, Marseille, France
    Fort Saint-Jean — Marseille, France
  • Four Seasons Hotel, London, England
    Four Seasons Hotel — London, England
  • Fribourg-Centre, Switzerland
    Fribourg-Centre — Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Gare Saint-Jean, Bordeaux, France
    Gare de Saint-Jean — Bordeaux, France
  • Gateway Building, in Titanic Quarter, Belfast, Ireland
    Gateway Building, Titanic Quarter — Belfast, Ireland
  • Grupo Garbe Headquarters, in Hamburg, Germany
    Grupo Garbe Headquarters — Hamburg, Germany
  • House in Grândola, Portugal
    House in Grândola — Portugal
  • House in Johannesburg, South Africa
    House in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • House in New Jersey, USA
    House in New Jersey, USA
  • House in Rio Maior, Portugal
    House in Rio Maior, Portugal
  • House in Saint Barthélemy, France
    House in Saint-Barthélemy
  • House in Serra da Pescaria, Nazaré, Portugal
    House in Serra da Pescaria — Nazaré, Portugal
  • Jardim da República, Santarém, Portugal
    Jardim da República — Santarém, Portugal
  • Jorge Fernandez Building, Vitória, Spain
    Jorge Fernandez Building — Vitória, Spain
  • KBC Bank in Brussels, Belgium
    KBC Bank — Brussels, Belgium
  • Centro Empresarial La Montaña, Aranjuez, Spain
    La Montaña Business Center — Aranjuez, Spain
  • Le Dôme building, Luxembourg
    Le Dôme Building — Luxembourg
  • Leon Plaza, Spain
    Leon Plaza — Leon, Spain
  • Office building in Luxembourg
    Office Building in Luxembourg
  • Ormond Building, Dublin, Ireland
    Ormond Building — Dublin, Ireland
  • Parque das Nações, Lisbon, Portugal
    Parque das Nações — Lisbon, Portugal
  • Perkins Coie, Seattle, USA
    Perkins Coie — Seattle, USA
  • Petit Palais Museum, France
    Petit Palais Museum — Paris, France
  • Place de la Mairie, Cotignac, France
    Place de la Mairie — Cotignac, France
  • La Plaza de la Moraleja, Madrid, Spain
    Plaza de la Moraleja — Madrid, Spain
  • Portela Airport, Lisbon, Portugal
    Portela Airport — Lisbon, Portugal
  • Praça do Comércio, Lisbon, Portugal
    Praça do Comércio — Lisbon, Portugal
  • Praia da Vieira Beach Promenade, Leiria, Portugal
    Praia da Vieira Beach Promenade — Leiria, Portugal
  • Promenade du Paillon, Nice, France
    Promenade du Paillon — Nice, France
  • PRONI building, Titanic Quarter, Ireland
    PRONI Building, Titanic Quarter — Belfast, Ireland
  • Marqués de Larios residential building, in Logroño, Spain
    Residencial Marqués de Larios — Logroño, Spain
  • Residencial Building in Luxembourg
    Residential Building in Luxembourg
  • Residential estate in Castro Urdiales, Spain
    Residential Estate in Castro Urdiales, Spain
  • São Martinho do Porto Beach Promenade, Alcobaça, Portugal
    São Martinho do Porto Beach Promenade — Alcobaça, Portugal
  • Science Po University, Paris, France
    Science Po University — Paris, France
  • Hotel Silken Gran Teatro, Burgos, Spain
    Silken Gran Teatro Hotel — Burgos, Spain
  • Skyline Building, Luxembourg
    Skyline Building — Luxembourg
  • Street in Valence, France
    Street in Valence, France
  • The Gibson Hotel, Point Village, Ireland
    The Gibson Hotel — Point Village, Ireland
  • The Lake Resort, Vilamoura, Portugal
    The Lake Resort — Vilamoura, Portugal
  • The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Puerto Rico
    The St Regis Bahia Beach Resort — Puerto Rico
  • Thomas Mann house in Munich, Germany
    Thomas Mann House — Munich, Germany
  • Turistic complex in Moscow
    Turistic Complex In Moscow, Russia
  • Turner House, New Jersey, USA
    Turner House — New Jersey, USA