Solancis present in Set in Stone exhibition. In London Design Festival until Out – 25th.


Solancis, in association with the Primeira Pedra project ,organizes the exhibition Set in Stone, present at the London Design Festival. This project results from the work of Experimenta Design in partnership with Assimagra and aims to promote and make known Portugal as a country of excellence in the stone sector. In the marble sector, limestones or granites, Portugal meets the conditions to become a stone destination. Concentrate efforts to raise the application of stone beyond traditional use as a coating of public or private spaces, public works, sidewalks and walls, aiming for a material that can be used in all kinds of objects, equipment and functions, colors and textures. With this orientation, the Set in Stone project counts with strong names of architecture and design such as Eduardo Souto de Moura, Elemental, Jasper Morrison, Jorge Silva, Michael Anastassiades, Miguel Vieira Batista, Paulo David, Sagmeister & Walsh. The idea is to show the many ways of working the stone, making it a viable option alongside other materials such as plastic, wood or recycled materials. The final objective will be the election of the Portuguese stone as a top choice of the large offices of architecture and design, and from it arise new pieces that become iconic and unique, whether with a functional or aesthetic destination.

The piece performed by Solancis, "In Memoriam" features the conception and design of the British Peter Saville. The Sculptural Interpretation represents the successive pulsations of CP1919 (the first pulsar ever discovered) that the author used for the album cover "Unknown Pleasures" by the Joy Division in 1979. Adapted for 3D by Saville and Bill Holding of the Morph, it results in a sculpture of one moment in time.
The exhibition was attended by the portuguese Secretary of State for Internationalization Eurico Brilhante Dias and the Portuguese ambassador to the United Kingdom, Manuel Lobo Antunes.

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