Oolitic Series with Creme Coral Limestone


The Oolitic Series was designed by ArquitectonicaSTUDIO in collaboration with Solancis SA and RR InterSolutions. The three teams combined their design, stone manufacturing and market expertise to develop an ecological limestone product. The series can be applied as a panelized system, bringing a bold visual narrative to the built environment and advancing the use of natural materials.

The dimensional patterns celebrate the spherical grains, cavities, and fossils that make Oolitic Limestone unique. Shaped by a process of abstraction, the large-scale textures are carved out of raw blocks of Creme Coral, a Portuguese Jurassic Limestone. Fossilized corals and shells are revealed through this process.

The panels can be arranged in multiple ways, some with seamless transitions between texture densities and porous openings, and others rearranged to emphasize the segmented character found in stacked slabs of quarried limestone.

Oolitic limestone has an extensive material history and connection to South Florida. It is often referred to as “Miami Limestone” with preserved outcroppings in the region displaying porous and pocketed surfaces. Cut sections of the stone used in buildings and pavers reveal clearly-defined pieces of fossilized sea life.

A growing collection of dimensional shapes drawn from seashells and nautical relics accompany the pattern series. These elements can be incorporated into panels for a playful shift in scale or a visual treasure hunt.


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