Solancis will be again present in Hong Kong at a seminar dedicated to the stone sector. Markway 2018


It will take place on March 12, 2018, with the organization of Markway International, a local partner that promotes natural stone in the Asian market, a seminar that will be attended by two European companies, Solancis from Portugal and Marmi Ghirardi from Italy. Like last year, Solancis will be present at this event dedicated to sharing knowledge about the universe of stone, establishing a bridge between producing and exporting companies and end users, whether architects or designers.

The presence of the Sales Director of Solancis in this seminar, aims at an approach to all present regarding the various possibilities of natural limestone in construction, explaining from its geological formation, exposing the various characteristics and uses recommended for each type of stone, the various processes of extraction and transformation, how to choose the ideal stone for projects according to the intended function, whether indoors or outdoors as well as techniques and good practices in its application.

See here the 2017 event.
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